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Welcome to Rootz Organic

Life. It has a way of getting to you. Caught up in the web of daily routine, in a mad rush to keep up with today’s fast paced lifestyle, you tend to forget the basics, the roots. While this applies to every aspect of your life, where it reflects most is your health. That is exactly what happened to me. Being a successful chartered accountant, and keen to quickly climb up the career ladder, the first thing I neglected was the most important, my health. Skipping meals, not paying attention to the kind of food I was having, and not giving importance to the quality or source of the fruits and vegetables my family and I consumed, I suffered from the same malaise that affects most city dwellers.

Thankfully, realisation dawned before it was too late, and over the last few years, the importance of organic and sustainable living became ever more apparent to me. The difference that embracing an organic lifestyle brought about in the health and wellbeing of my family and myself prompted me to dream about contributing to a wider society that accepts this lifestyle and reaps its benefits. The journey of Rootz Organics began with this dream. The dream to make organic & sustainable living a matter of every household, to make it a way of life!

I’m sure you have heard of the adage, ‘You are what you eat’. So when you start eating healthy, pure and organic food, you become healthy, pure and organic yourself. Eating well and going organic is the panacea for almost all the disorders that plague us today, including obesity and hormonal imbalance that are brought about by years of bad food habits.

Rootz Organics is my humble attempt at creating awareness about organic products and sustainable living. It is my contribution towards building a community that lives a life free of chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Starting our kids early on these good habits will ensure that our coming generations too are hale and hearty.

Ashwini Harish


Rootz Organics takes the ownership to help you discover the wider world of organics. We are the first dedicated online store offering both Organic and Sustainable products with an aim to serve the communities in the UAE and Middle East. We believe in the organic life and are always willing and eager to help you understand this world and benefit from its many advantages.

We are here to change the thought that ‘Organic is expensive’. We at Rootz Organics believe this is possible by increasing awareness of the value these organic goods add to your life. Once the awareness and consumption of organic products increase, they will start becoming affordable. And, you can help us do that by adopting and advocating organic living and lifestyle.

We offer fresh organic produce which helps us to sustain farmers and producers. We only source our products after making sure of the quality standards, and from vendors who guarantee the safety and well-being of farmers and grow their produce with minimal impact on the environment.
Come, join us in this beautiful and fulfilling journey.

The Rootz team


Rootz Organics is an online store and distribution company specializing in supply and distribution of Organic and Sustainable products across UAE.

Rootz started with a single purpose of contributing to the community’s positive development through:

🌱 Availability of genuine organic, natural and sustainable products : Working with lesser-known but socially driven grassroots entrepreneurs & organizations working directly with farmers and artisans.

🌱 Spreading awareness: Sharing tips tricks in kitchen, sharing recipes , hosting wellness webinars with socially driven health experts who give their knowledge selflessly.

🌱 Giving back : Generating wealth through our platform and contributing, supporting lesser-known NGOs & non-profit organizations.
End it with Health & Happiness Always
Thank you