Posted on December 27th, 2021 01:15 PM

1 cup Organic Amaranth Seeds
1 tspn Garden Cress Seeds, Halim, Alvi
1 cup Organic Dessicated Coconut
1 1/2 cup organic jaggery
2 tbspn cow ghee
1 tspn cardamom (optional)


Hear the cast iron pan until it’s fully hot. Pour 1/4th cup amaranth seeds first & keep stirring it. It will start popping into white puffs. Remove it as soon as you see it’s done. Then our the next 1/4th portion and repeat. It is important to puff it in smaller quantities, else it will get burnt or all will not puff.

Once puffing amaranth is done. Set it aside.

In the same pan, add 1 tspn ghee & organic desiccated coconut and roast it well. Set it aside.
In the same pan, roast the Aliv (Halim seeds, garden cress seeds) in ghee until it roasts & pops. Set it aside.
Bring all roasted things together and make a uniformed mix of all ingredients. Mix it with your own hands. Send your love & energy.

In the same pan, add jaggery & 1/2 cup water. Add cardamom powder at this stage. Let it come to full boil. Boil it until a point where it becomes sticky. You can check this by dropping a drop of it between fingers. It ll be sticky.
In the meantime, grease a steel plate with ghee or oil

Now Pour the roasted mix into jaggery syrup. Stir it well until jaggery starts getting absorbed.
Once syrup is absorbed, Immediately transfer it to the greased plate. Start cutting it into desired shape. It will take about 5 mins for Chikki to harden.