Millets & its health benefits!

Millets are ancient grains grown mostly in hot countries. They are a good substitute for rice and quinoa and can be cooked just like rice. These grains are naturally gluten free, highly alkalizing, high in protein grains.

They are least allergenic and slowly digestible grains. They contain high amounts of dietary fibre, B-Complex vitamins, essential amino and fatty acids and vitamin E. They are particularly high in protein, minerals, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosporous and potassium. The seeds are also rich in phytochemicals.

Researches have shown best health benefits of millets include, protecting the heart, preventing diabetes, Improves the digestive system, Lowers the risk of cancer, Detoxify the body, Improve respiratory health, Boost the immune system, Increase energy levels, and improve the muscle and nerve health.

Millets & Environment!

Millet is not about only nutrition. These grains are also great for the environment. Where rice and wheat require annual rainfall of over 1,000 mm and 500 mm respectively, millets can grow in an arid climate. Pearl millet flourishes in areas where the annual rainfall is 350 mm. Other varieties can thrive with rainfall even lower than that.

Millets are also fairly resistant to pests and require minimal fertilisers and pesticides. They grow rapidly and enrich the biodiversity of farmlands.

Lets return to millets and turn the ride of ill health!

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