Here is how we made our super-nutritious Veggie fried rice made with our Specialty Sprouted germinated brown rice. This rice is also known as GABA rice.


1 cup Organic Germinated Brown Rice  (click to buy)

2 cups chopped spring onion, carrots, beans, green pea, multi-colour capsicum, asparagus, and broccoli

1 Vegetable cube

Soya sauce 1 teaspoon

1 teaspoon olive oil.


Soak germinated brown rice for an hour.

First of all, cook the soaked rice with 1 1/4 quarter cup water. Once it is ready, keep it separate and let it cool.

In a separate pan, heat olive oil and add chopped spring onion and sauté for a while. Then add the chopped veggies and sauté them as well. Finally, add a vegetable cube and mix it well. Let the veggies cook until almost done, then add soya sauce and stir well.

In a bowl, mix the cooked #gabarice and the stirred veggies. GABA veggie fried rice is ready to eat 😋 😋.

Note: Since the bran of the germinated brown rice is not removed and the rice is sprouted, it is suitable for diabetic people as well.

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