21/2 cup Organic Whole Jowar
1 1/2 cup organic Idli rice (Make it Idli Rava if you want Rava Idli texture)
3/4th cup Urad dal ( Split Black Gram dal)
1 tbsp Methi seeds( Fenugreek seeds)
2 tsp of Pink Himalayan Salt.


1. Wash and Soak the Millet and the Idli Rice for around 5 hrs.
2. In a separate bowl wash and soak the Urad dal and the fenugreek seeds.
3. After 5 hrs blend everything together, in a high speed blender to a smooth paste (Priti will do).
5. Cover and let ferment the batter overnight or for 8 hrs.
6. After 8 hrs, transfer the batter to a Idli mould and pop it into a pre heated steamer for around 8mins or until a toothpick inserted in Idli comes out clean.
7. Serve hot with the chutney or sambhar of your choice.
8. Alternatively you can sauté the Idli with some Idli tempering. *Idli tempering: In a pan, add a tbsp of coconut oil. When heated splutter a tbsp each of mustard seeds, split black gram dal, curry leaves and green chilli.

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