Almond and Date Black Tea (50g)

45.00 د.إ

The earthy notes of this loose leaf black tea from Kenya blended with dates, almonds, and specks of saffron create the balance and equanimity that is only found with a cup of hot tea during a rainy day.

This tea evokes that special aroma of African soil embracing the first rainfall of the season.

This black tea blend is best enjoyed as an invigorating breakfast tea or as an afternoon tea. It captures the robustness of traditional black tea and refines it with the addition of dates and almonds, which add a mild sweetness and reduce the strong tannins of traditional black teas.

✓ 100% organic and sustainably sourced;
✓ Immunity booster;
✓ Low-calorie beverage;
✓ Contains Caffeine and Nuts;
✓ Helps reduce inflammation in the gut;

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