Aloe Vera Gel – Transparent (200g)

36.00 د.إ

Aloe Vera gel is a naturally soothing gel that is gentle on your skin while hydrating and nourishing it simultaneously. Its antiseptic properties shield skin from bacteria which in turn prevents acne and skin infections. Due to its natural cooling properties, aloe vera is a great product for soothing sunburns.



Aloe Vera gel, this superb formula gently helps you radiate with natural brilliance and exude confidence. A mystic product from Khadi Organique, hydrates, nourishes, and improving the skin tone and contouring. This luxuriant gel is enriched with exquisite nutrients from your face leaving you looking young, bright, and charming. No more scars and sagging skin with this herbal, restorative, enchanting gel!


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