Brahmi Powder (100g)

29.00 د.إ

GreenTree Brahmi Powder is a power-packed therapeutic herb.
It has many benefits for the hair as well as the skin.
• Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory
• Rich in powerful antioxidants
• Accords strength and shine to the hair
• Fights hair fall, dandruff, and itchiness
• Rejuvenates the scalp
• Fights acne
• Stimulates skin regeneration
• Removes toxins and improves skin complexion



How to use:
• Mix Brahmi powder with suitable additive, make a smooth paste and keep it for 40-60 mins.
• Apply on face/hair and let it try.
• Rinse off thoroughly with Luke warm water.

Recommended additives for specific purposes:
• Henna Powder & Yogurt: Increases hair growth & get rid of itchy & greasy scalp.
• Neem Powder & Yogurt: Reduces pigmentation, pimples and gives a healthy glowing skin
• Triphala, Tulsi Powder: Used as a mild shampoo


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