Burgundy Hair Color Henna Based (200 Gms)

39.00 د.إ

GreenTree Herbal Burgundy Hair Colour not only livens your hair but adds colour and glamour to your personality. A quick way to be the center of everyone’s attention.

GreenTree Herbal Burgundy Hair Colour is:
• 100 percent herbal and natural
• Herbal Henna and Indigo based
• Chemical Free
• PPD Free
• Ammonia-Free
• Preservative Free
• Pre-oxides Free
• Metallic Salts Free



How to use:
1. Mix GreenTree Herbal Burgundy Hair Colour with enough water to make a smooth thick paste, leave to rest for an hour.
2. Apply on clean hair using gloves.
3. Cover hair with a shower cap and keep for 2 hours at least.
4. Rinse until water runs clear, do not shampoo.
5. Henna based colours need 24-48 hours to fully develop the colour on hair; shampoo is advised to be used after this period only.

Chemically dyed hair will need 2-3 applications before results are seen. Results may vary based on the natural colour of the hair.


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