Dhatu Masoor Dal Whole – 500g

14.00 د.إ

Size: 500 GMS

Masoor Dal, known as Lentil in English, is one of the most ancient legume crops. It has high nutritional value as it is a rich source of protein, fiber and minerals and has low-fat content. Masoor Dal is beneficial for the skin as it keeps the skin moisturised and healthy due to the presence of vitamin B


  1. Masoor dal pack is used to exfoliate the skin, tighten the pores, brighten your skin and also remove tan.
  2. This will cleanse your skin, soften it, nourish it and make it oil-free to prevent acne.
  3. Masoor Dal has many health benefits when incorporated in the diet. It reduces the risk of heart disease by lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels due to the presence of dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants


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