Flared T-shirt (Women) – Gray Tie and Dye

140.00 د.إ

Size : Small/Medium/Large

How is it made?

No synthetics, no chemicals or nasties!

This T-shirt is all-natural – made with natural fibers – Organic cotton and  Modal to give a soft texture, high absorbency, and quick drying. These natural fibers are infused with the goodness of ayurvedic herbs. Great for your skin and our planet.

The herbal infusion provides therapeutic benefits and a calming effect on your body and mind. The mellow soothing natural colors are also a result of the herbal blend made from 20-25 different herbs.

Primary herbs in this T-shirt include:

Neem: A primary herb, known for antibacterial properties. This herb is traditionally used to treat a variety of inflammations and skin conditions. It is a primary for the shades of gray in our fabric

Vetiver: Vetiver is another primary herb that is reputed to have a stimulating and soothing effect on the body. Oil extracts are used to promote relaxation of muscles, fight stiffness & inflammation and boosting of blood circulation.

Aloe Vera: known to be an excellent anti-inflammatory herb that calms, soothes your skin and is a primary for the white hues in our fabric.

How to care for the fabric?

These fabrics are treated with a unique natural dyeing process. Overtime these colors will evolve adding character to the beauty of the garment.

  • Pre-wash before wear. with cold water, separately from other colors.
  • Darker shades will migrate during the first 2-3 washes.
Regular Wash:
    • Wash with mild detergent at 30 deg C.
    • Hand wash or Gentle Cycle
    • Do not bleach or dry clean or use a stain remover.
    • Turn it inside out & line dry in shade, away from direct sunlight

Impact of your choice:

  • Primarily it promotes wellness and protects, as your skin is wrapped around with ayurvedic herbs which have therapeutic properties.
  • A choice that avoids petroleum-based raw materials – synthetic fibers, synthetic dyes, bleaches, mordants, finishing materials. All of these synthetics are contributors to the pollution of land and water bodies.
  • The ayurvedic dyeing process is completely manual (no use of electricity). The sediments and water used in the process are used as manure and irrigating the farm at the dye house.
  • Stable livelihood for the artisans and support for the cottage industry, which are essential for equitable growth and promoting slow fashion. We work with partners


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