Handmade Cotton Baby Quilt – Jaipur Edition – Theme (Warli Dreams)

237.00 د.إ

This quilt from Anvi Baby is made from 100% Jaipur Cotton, is surprisingly light, yet warm and snug. Using sustainable and traditional methods of fabric weaving and hand block printing with edible food dyes, this quilt respects our planet and at the same time will be gentle on your baby. On the fringes of the Thar desert in North Western India, is a city that stands defiantly. In the midst of the dry, dour desert, Jaipur is an improbable explosion of life, color, opulence, art, culture, food, architecture, tradition and handicrafts. Inspired by and sourced from some of the city’s most skilled artisans, Anvi Baby brings to you the Jaipur Edition – a celebration of the wondrous sights, smells and sounds of the Pink City.

Handstitched with 100% Jaipur Cotton

Hand-block printed using handmade wooden carved dyes Light, warm, and snug

Made with natural fibers making them super soft and breathable

100% Vegetable Dyes



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