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Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) – 100 GM

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Pack Size : 100 GM

Kalonji, which may also be called nigella, refers to small black seeds grown on Kalonji bushes, which are grown widely through India.. Kalonji is both flavoring, added to a variety of traditional foods, and an herbal remedy that has been touted as the magic bullet for a variety of ailments.


  1. Keeps a Check on Diabetes. This is probably one of the most known benefits of kalonji.
  2. Increases Memory and Alleviates Asthma. Ground kalonji seeds with a little bit of honey is known to boost memory.
  3. Gets Rid of Headaches.
  4. Aids Weight Loss.
  5. Eases Joint Pain.
  6. Controls Blood Pressure.
  7. Protects the Kidney.
  8. Makes Teeth Stronger.


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