LiZZOM Organic Large size sanitary pads (Pack of 3) – 30 Pads

58.85 د.إ

Size : 30 Pads

Ultra thin with dual wings (Sanitary pads) Large

ULTRATHIN, SUPER SOFT, POWERFULLY ABSORBENT – Bamboo and Corn fiber makes them soft, silky, more absorbent and breathable than cotton. Its natural antimicrobial bio-agents help reduce bacteria and odor for a rash free and healthier life. Suitable for all skin types and all age.

FIVE LAYER BREATHABLE PROTECTION- Five layers of super dry protection in LiZZOM pads give you rash free, odor-free, chemical-free and PE-free experience. Top sheet is made from organic certified bamboo and corn fiber. Second and second last sheet is pulp. The middle layer is made of SAP and the bottom leak-proof layer ensures protection of compostable corn starch sheets. 100% leak proof.

SOFT STRETCHABLE STRONG WINGS – for extra grip and protection – 4 wings for Large pads



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