Marigold & Apricot White Tea (50g)

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This white tea from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro is delicately harvested in the early hours of the morning. The silver bristles on the leaves evoke an image of fine moonlight-kissed needles as they “stand” on their ends in the early morning coolness. The leaves are blended with dried apricots and Egyptian marigolds which complement the natural tea notes of peach and savannah grass.

White tea is the healthiest of teas as there is very little “processing” that occurs on the leaf. Since this tea is picked very early in the life cycle of tea, the young buds and leaves are filled with all the vim and vigor of youth, to allow them to fight the elements in order to flourish and hence this tea is packed with all the best natural chemical compounds that provide a range of health benefits.

✓ 100% organic and sustainably sourced
✓ Least processed tea leaf and hence has the highest amount of antioxidants in the leaf – Known as a ‘Super tea’

✓ Rich in anti-oxidants and helps combat skin aging
✓ Helps with weight loss
✓ May lower the risk of insulin resistance
✓ Protects your teeth from bacteria
✓ Low-calorie beverage
✓ Contains Caffeine

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