Neem Powder (100g)

25.00 د.إ

GreenTree Neem Powder is a wonder-ingredient for wonderful skin.
• High Vitamin E content
• Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory
• Treats acne
• Fights wrinkles
• Produces collagen
• Improves elasticity of the skin
• Controls and treats dandruff, prickly heat and rashes



How to use:
STEP 1: Mix Neem powder with a suitable additive and make a smooth paste

STEP 2: Apply on face/hair and leave for 10-15 minutes

STEP 3: Rinse off thoroughly with cold water

Recommended additives for specific purposes :
● Tulsi & Rose Water: Pimple reduction
● Rose Petal & Yogurt: Glowing complexion
● Amla & Shikakai: Deep conditioning
● Water: Dandruff control & Lice treatment


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