Neem & Tulsi Face Pack (50g)

30.00 د.إ

Neem serves as an effective remedy for problems like large pores, blackheads, and whiteheads. It keeps excess oil secretion in control and fights any kind of skin infections. Tulsi or Basil keeps the skin tight and wards off the signs of premature aging. A mild antiseptic and astringent, Rose Extract assists in cleansing the skin and preventing blemishes.



Break the reign of dull, pale flawed skin and replace it with the brilliance of warm glorious spotless glow! Crafted with love just for you, this special blend of gifts from Nature’s basket gives supple, smooth even-toned skin. Packed with potent natural ingredients, it works miracles to accentuate your beauty and charm. A unique triple action formula from Khadi Organique, it fights acne, fades away scars, and hydrates intensely to give sensuously lustrous skin. Nourishing and healing, it restores and replenishes to give youthful rosy looks.


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