Orange Peel Powder (100 Gms)

25.00 د.إ

GreenTree Orange Peel Powder is power-packed with antioxidants and other nutrients to give you a natural and healthy glow.

• Cleanses the skin
• Frees the skin of accumulated oil and dirt
• Helps get rid of blackheads and whiteheads
• Natural bleaching agent
• Whitens the skin
• Reduces the skin of ageing



How to use:
STEP 1: Mix Orange peel powder with a suitable additive and make a smooth paste

STEP 2: Apply on skin and leave till dry

STEP 3: Rinse with cold water.
Recommended additives for specific purposes :
● Yogurt and Honey: Exfoliation mask
● Oatmeal & Lemon: Keeps pimple and blackheads away
● Honey & Milk: Removes excess oil and dead skin cells
● Coconut oil & Milk: Nourishes & hydrates skin
● Neem powder & Lemon juice: For glowing skin


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