Organic Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Wrap – Theme (Pineapple party)

52.50 د.إ

This exquisitely soft is woven using a combination of organic cotton and rayon and is naturally hypoallergenic and snug. Rayon made from bamboo fiber has the added bonus of being more water absorbent and breathable than regular cotton, cooling your baby on hot, humid days, while also working as a great base to keep your baby warm and snug during cold winter nights. Generously sized, our muslins are versatile and can be used as a swaddle, a blanket for the stroller, or a cover for the changing table. Inspired by the mystical beauty of the goddess of the forest, and informed by centuries of carefully guarded traditions, Anvi brings to you a range of quality organic and natural products. Anvi creates luxury products for the discerning, combining ancient wisdom with modern techniques.

Super soft, cozy, and snug
Extra large & versatile
Lightweight & breathable
Softer with every wash
Material: 70% Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton



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