Organic Chia Seed 100g

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The scientific name of Chia is “Sylvia Hispanica”. It was used to increase the strength of the soldiers and the stamina of their runners. It was said that one Tablespoon of Chia could sustain them for 24 hrs.


Protein            : Source of “Complete Protein”. Accounts for 25% of Chia*.

2 Tbsp of Chia = same Protein as one full cup of cooked Quinoa.

Carbohydrate  : Accounts for 38% of Chia*

Fibre               : Accounts for 90% of the Carbohydrate*.

2 Tbsp of Chia = 4.5 X Fibre of one full cup of cooked Quinoa.

Soluble Fibre  : Accounts for 35% of Dietary fibre*.

One of the richest sources of ‘Soluble Fibre’.

Cholesterol     : Zero Cholesterol.

Fat                  : Accounts for 39% of Chia* & this fat is heart healthy.


Omega 3 ALA : Accounts for 55% of Fat*.

2 Tbsp of Chia = 3.5 X Omega3ALA of one cup of cooked Quinoa.


* stands for “by weight”.



  1. Skin & Ageing à

Chia is one of the world’s richest “high-antioxidant foods”. These anti-oxidants fight ‘radicals’ which contribute to ageing and which aggravate cancer. They speed up skin repair. The anti-oxidant ORAC value of 2 Tbsp of Chia is approximately 2500. The ORAC value can be doubled by soaking them overnight, thus making it 5000 which is 50% of the RDA.


  1. Digestion à

Due to high Fibre content and high fat content, Chia balances insulin levels. Fibre helps bowel regularity. Due to the Fibre, Chia absorbs a lot of water (10times their own weight) and hence expands in the stomach. Therefore, Chia helps feel full quickly, curbs hunger, satiates appetite and causes weight loss. It oozes a gelatin like substance which supports the growth of probiotics in the gut.


  1. Heart Health à

2 Tbsp of Chia has more than thrice the Omega 3 of a cup of cooked Quinoa. It has more Omega 3 than even Salmon (wt to wt). This plus the high Linolenic acid help absorb fat-soluble Vit’s A, D, E & K. This lowers Blood Pressure, bad Cholesterol & Inflammation. Extremely high in anti-oxidants.


  1. Helps treat Diabetes à

Two of the major factors in the development of Diabetes are Dyslipidemia

(excessive fat in blood) & Insulin resistance. ALA & Fibre may prevent the

onset of these two factors and may reverse the condition also. Chia

reduces visceral adipose tissue, a component of obesity.


  1. Boosts energy & metabolism à

Chia enhances exercise performance and matches it with far less sugar consumption.


  1. Stronger bones à

The 2 Tbsp of Chia will provide the same Calcium as half cup of milk. Calcium helps maintain the bone strength and mass. Chia also contains Boron which helps metabolize Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese and Phosphorus for growth of bones (&muscles).


  1. Build muscle and Lose weightà
    1. One of the top plant based sources of Protein (for muscle). Chia being rich in Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese and Phosphorus compensates for these nutrients lost during workouts.
    2. Chia absorbs 10 times their weight of water in the gut and so u feel fuller quickly, less hungry, satiated and causes weight loss.
    3. Being high in Zinc, it increases Leptin (hormone) production which regulates how the body spends energy and improves stamina.


  1. Fighting breast and cervical cancer à

Being rich in ALA (Omega-3 fatty acid), Chia limits the growth of cancer cells especially in Breast and Cervical Cancer.


  1. Dental health à

Calcium is the building block of teeth. Zinc prevents plaque from mineralizing teeth and keeps bad breath away. Vit A and phosphorus keep teeth strong. Chia is rich in all these minerals.




  • Helps healthy pregnancy à

Omega 3 are essential for baby’s brain development. Calcium and Boron help baby’s skeletal development. Iron is necessary for the baby’s (&mother’s) blood development. Pregnancy is taxing on the mother’s body. Chia replaces some of the lost nutrients. Chia slows digestion and keeps blood sugar levels stable ensuring safe pregnancy.





“Chia is the richest known source of plant-based Omega 3 & 6.

Chia is one of the richest sources of ‘Soluble Fibre’.”



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