Organic Coffee Powder – 200 GM

19.25 د.إ

Size : 200GM

100 percent certified organic coffee powder, made from the finest Robusta coffee beans 95% and Chicory 5%, sourced from certified organic farms in Chikmangalur, Karnataka. Grown without use of any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides. Cultivated with controlled organic farming practices.


1.Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter

2.Can Help You Burn Fat

3.Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance

4.Contains Essential Nutrients

5.May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

6.May Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

7.May Lower Your Risk of Parkinson’s.

8.May Protect Your Liver

9.Can Fight Depression and Make You Happier

10.May Lower Risk of Certain Types of Cancer

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