Organic Free Range Duck Eggs (30 pcs)

60.00 د.إ

Local eggs from the local farms in UAE. Hens are allowed to move freely and are fed with Non-GMO organic feed and grass. Hens are not injected with any hormones to increase the production of eggs.

Thank you for supporting local!

Kindly note the delivery schedule for Dairy orders as we endeavor to deliver the products as fresh as possible to you.

  • Orders placed before Sunday at 5 pm will be delivered on Tuesday
  • Orders placed before Tuesday at 5 pm will be delivered on Thursday
  • Orders placed before Friday at 5 pm will be delivered on Sunday

Why this schedule?

Because nature takes time to set the curd, prepare the paneer as well as butter especially for you. We wish to deliver the freshest products to you which needs a window of 48 hours to prepare freshly for you.

The minimum order for free delivery is AED 50.

We deliver on Sunday, however, if we get lucky with the farmer, we will be able to deliver on the previous day as well.

RECYCLE – Return dairy containers to our driver on your next purchase



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