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Organic Long Wheat (Khapli – Emmer Wheat) Daliya (500g)

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Size: 500g

Long Wheat (Triticum Dicoccum – Emmer wheat or Farro) is a type of hulled wheat commonly called by the name of ‘jave or khapli in India. Long wheat is nutritionally superior when compared to commercially grown wheat. Loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, khapli atta is suitable for regular consumption as well. Long wheat is nutritionally superior when compared to commercially available durum wheat in its protein and dietary fiber contents. It is tastier, softer, and has a higher satiety value.
It is more suited for diabetes management. It was widely cultivated in the ancient world but is now considered as a relic crop. Our grains are stone-ground at a very low temperature (cold milled) & are not exposed to scorching heat. Low temperature means all the nutrients are retained in the flour.
  • Sourdough Bread: Great for baking breads and cakes
  • Ingredient Type: Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 365 Days
  • Total Weight: 500g
  • Package Contains: 500g of Wheat Dalia
  • Usage: Add 1 cup of Wheat Dalia to 3 cups of water and boil till soft. Add milk and cut fruits if desired before serving. Store in a cool and dry place




Emmer (German for “hulled grain”) is one of the earliest forms of cultivated grains. Dating back thousands of years, like Einkorn Emmer was allegedly found in the tombs of ancient Egypt. It is referred to by some as “The Pharaoh’s Wheat”. Emmer in its wild form is a cross between Einkorn and grass. It is unique in flavor, nutritional benefits and genetic makeup. Where modern wheat has 42 chromosomes, Emmer has only 28.

It is well known in India as Khapli or Jave.

  • Emmer is the grandmother of durum, and like durum makes excellent pasta and flatbread
  • Emmer contains high levels of vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants as well as fiber and protein
  • Suitable for diabetes management


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