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Organic Ragi Malt – 300g

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Finger Millet Malt / Ragi Malt is a healthy drink made with calcium & fiber-rich whole-grain Finger millet / Ragi.

Main Ingredients – Sprouted Ragi, Almonds & Cardamom

Preparation Instructions –

Add one teaspoon of Ragi Malt to hot water to make a smooth paste. Mix with milk or water, jaggery, and boil for 5 mins. Serve hot or cold.

Nutrition for 100g
Energy 360kcal
Carbohydrates 80g
Protein 7g
Fat 2g
Dietary fiber 11g
Iron 3.1mg
 Calcium 334mg
Magnesium 177mg
Zinc 2.3mg
Manganese 26mg
Copper 0.47mg
Potassium 408mg
Thiamin 0.44mg
Sodium 10mg
Riboflavin 0.2mg
Niacin 1.2mg


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