Organic Rice Flour – 1KG

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Size : 1KG

organics rice flour is obtained from finely ground rice. It is milled from raw white rice and is used in making numerous tasty dishes. Rice flour acts as a healthy thickening agent in few refrigerated recipes, it gives the dishes smooth consistency. Chawal ki roti is a staple dish in many indian cuisines


1.Rice flour is gluten free and a good substitute for wheat flour.
2. It is used to make sweets and rice noodles.
3. It also has a wide use in baby food products.
4. It is a good option for diet conscious people.
5. It is easily digested unlike other flour. .
6. It is also used as a coating to many dishes that are to be fried.
7. Dhatu organics rice flour is organically produced and hence free from harmful chemicals.

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