Pure Henna Powder (100g)

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GreenTree Pure Henna Powder is a well-known organic and herbal hair coloring agent. It is gaining worldwide popularity as the world is now embracing organic over chemicals.

Features and Details:
• Organic and herbal color
• Nourishes the hair
• Repairs sun damage
• Strengthens and conditions the hair
• Approved by Dubai Municipality (Montaji)

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How to use:
STEP 1: Soak Henna overnight in water, add suitable additive

STEP 2: Apply on hair and scalp and leave for an hour or two

STEP 3: Rinse with cold water

Recommended additives for specific purposes :
● Yogurt: inhibits hair loss
● Fenugreek and Mustard Oil: dandruff removal
● Coconut milk and Olive Oil: deep conditioning
● Neem and Tulsi: cures scalp itching


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