Red Rice Idli and Dosa Premix (250g)

10.47 د.إ

A legacy passed on through generations! Easy to cook. Super nutritious. Rice of Ancient Dravidian India. The perfect blend of health & flavor.

Community Impact: Organically grown by NPOP certified farmers, practicing natural farming.

Health Benefits: Rich in proteins, carbohydrates, Vitamin B, C. Contains high quantities of iron, folic acid, fiber, magnesium, potassium. Improves bone health, digestion. Maintains cholesterol, improves blood circulation, and keeps the heart healthy. It also strengthens the nervous system, reduces pain & inflammation, improves skin and hair health.

How to Use:

For Idli – Add water to the premix and let it sit for an hour! Your idli batter is ready to use. Grease the idli molds with ghee before you pour the batter and steam the idlis in a cooker on a medium flame without the ‘weight’. Serve with chutney and sambhar. Enjoy your soft, spongy, and nutritious idlis.

For Dosa – Add water to the red rice dosa premix and let it sit for an hour! Your red rice dosa batter is ready to use. You can have your dosas soft and fluffy or thin and crisp!

Recipe: Red Rice Onion Dosa

Ingredients – 3 cups red rice dosa batter, Taru Desi Ghee, 2 chopped onions, 2 grated ginger, chopped coriander, salt to taste.

Method: To the batter, add onions, ginger, coriander, salt to taste. Grease the pan with 1 tsp ghee, pour a ladleful of batter, and spread evenly. Sprinkle ghee. Cook till crisp & flip. Serve with chutney and sambhar.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place in glass or steel jar preferably.



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