Sattu (500g)

12.50 د.إ

Pack Size : 500 GM


Organic fried gram (roasted chana dal)(chick pea). no chemicals and pesticides. Good for health. It is packed with proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is rich in molybdenum & protein with tasteful flavor & is highly nutritious. There wouldn’t be any disagreement on the fact that these are in fact a healthy snack. The reason people in South-Asia have included these snack in their daily intakes is the old tradition passed on to the generations with a belief that roasted grams’ increase stamina. But all of the other health benefits that roasted grams have to serve are yet unknown to people. So we have compiled some more worth knowing reasons to make roasted grams a part of your diet.

1. Weight-loss
2.Controls diabetes
3.Healthy Bones
4.Stabilize blood pressure
5.Healthy heart
6.Prevents from cancer
7.Lowers cholesterol level in the blood
8.Reduces inflammation
9.Better digestion
10.Irritable bowel syndrome
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