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Taru Ragi Pancake Mix (Finger Millet Pancake) – 150g

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Complete Nutrition for Women & Children. Diabetic Friendly. Grown by small-scale farmers from Maharashtra, practicing Natural Farming.

Harvest of ragi is manually cleaned & packed by women farmers.

Ragi, Chickpea flour, Fenugreek seeds.

Health Benefits:
Ragi is a rich source of natural iron, amino acids, anti-oxidants & dietary fibers. Lowers blood sugar level, cholesterol, strengthens bones, improves hemoglobin & aids weight loss. Natural immunity booster & whole food for infants. (Rao. B et al 2017). Chickpea flour is a powerhouse of proteins, fiber, minerals & micro-nutrients. Complete Nutrition with ragi & fenugreek seeds combined. Fenugreek seeds lower blood sugar, cholesterol & inflammation. Tonic for women & children.



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