Locally Grown Vegetable Basket 1

69.00 د.إ

Local Farm Vegetable Box – AED 69 – Locally grown vegetables from direct farm to your homes.

This is straight from the farmers who you meet at the Farmers’ Market. We are creating a support structure where if you cannot reach them, we, at Rootz, enable them to reach you!

Eggplant (500g), Cucumber (500g), Marrow (250g), Corn (1kg), Okra (500g), Tomato (1kg), Capsicum (250g), Red Radish (250g), Beetroot (500g), Spinach (250g), Mint (100g), Coriander Leaves(200g)

  • Tomato (1kg)
  • Corn (1kg)
  • Capsicum (250g)
  • Eggplant (500g)
  • Cucumber (500g)
  • Marrow (250g)
  • Okra (500gm)
  • Red radish (250g)
  • Beetroot (500g)
  • Spinach (250g)
  • Mint leaves (100g)
  • Coriander Leaves (200g)

Kindly note the delivery schedule for vegetables box as we endeavor to deliver FRESHLY HARVESTED vegetables to you. WE HARVEST ON ORDER BASIS.

  • Orders placed before Monday at 5 pm will be delivered on Wednesday
  • Orders placed before Wednesday at 5 pm will be delivered on Saturday
  • Orders placed before Saturday at 5 pm will be delivered on Monday

Why this schedule?

Because the process involves harvesting on order, sorting, and transporting freshly harvested vegetables to your home. We firmly believe our communities deserve fresh harvest as against pre harvested vegetables.

The minimum order for free delivery is AED 69. Self pick up option is available if you do not meet the minimum.



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