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Organic EMMER Wheat (Khapli) Flour – 5KG

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Size: 1KG

Long Wheat (Triticum Dicoccum – Emmer wheat or Farro) is a type of hulled wheat commonly called by the name of ‘jave or khapli in India. Long wheat is nutritionally superior when compared to commercially grown wheat. Loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, khapli atta is suitable for regular consumption as well. Long wheat is nutritionally superior when compared to commercially available durum wheat in its protein and dietary fiber contents. It is tastier, softer, and has a higher satiety value.
It is more suited for diabetes management. It was widely cultivated in the ancient world but is now considered as a relic crop. Our grains are stone-ground at a very low temperature (cold milled) & are not exposed to scorching heat. Low temperature means all the nutrients are retained in the flour.
  • Low Glycemic Index Wheat Flour
  • Helps in Sugar Control in Diabetic Patients
  • Lower Gluten Content
  • Easy for Digestion
  • Ancient Variety of Wheat Majorly Grown in Maharashtra and Karnataka

We have managed to get a few packs of emmer flour through air shipment in between all the chaos. We expect our sea shipment to arrive soon, which has faced a lot of delays due to the circumstances. Due to increased costs associated with air shipment, the cost of this lot has increased, thus the maximum retail price too. We are hoping to receive some relief with our sea shipment soon.

Limited quantity – first-come, first-serve basis.

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