• Acai Strawberry with Granola On the Go 200ml

Acai Strawberry with Granola On the Go 200ml

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Weight: 200ml

Product Description:  Açaí strawberry with Granola Frooty 200ml: A national delicacy, açaí is a fruit from the Amazon that is extremely nutritious and has been gaining more and more fans. It is excellent in the bowl accompanied by fruits to taste, powdered milk, condensed milk, granola, and countless other side dishes.

Ingredients: Açaí pulp, water, sugar, strawberry pulp, corn glucose, guarana extract, orange fiber, carboxymethylcellulose sodium stabilizer, flavoring agents, mono and diglyceride fatty acid emulsifier, and citric acid acidulant.

Granola Ingredients: oat flakes, invert sugar, soybean oil, grated coconut, wheat bran, barley flakes, wheat flakes, brown sugar, honey, and apple.


Origin: Brazil

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