• Astraea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil500Ml

Astraea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil500Ml

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The Astraea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of Premium quality with a very low acidity. Acidity of Olive oil is a factor that determines quality and how quickly it deteriorates. An acidity value of lower than 0.8 distinguishes Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Virgin Olive Oils. Our laboratory results always produce values of 0.2 to 0.5, which are a lot lower than required by law. Some of the steps taken to ensure a very low acidity value are: – olives are hand picked (so that they don’t come in contact with the soil) – olives are pressed as soon as possible (we press on the same day of harvest) – olives are cold pressed by purely mechanical methods (i.e. No artificial chemical products are used to extract the oil from the olives). – olive oil comes with 18 months expiry date although by law we are allowed to provide 36 months.

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