• Treat Me Gluten Free Almond Granola 350gm

Treat Me Gluten Free Almond Granola 350gm

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Treat Me Gluten Free Almond Granola Mix is ​​made with a handful of healthy and nutritious ingredients. This crunchy combination can make a great breakfast or lunch. This blend contains gluten-free, organic oats, homemade almond butter, toasted almonds, coconut oil and maple syrup. These ingredients have distinct nutritional properties that work for your health and provide a delicious and satisfying flavour. You can enjoy this healthy gluten-free meal at any time during your day. You can eat them as snacks straight from the bag. It can be carried as a snack for school or work and on the go! Features: Very quick and easy to prepare and can be eaten as a quick snack. Gluten Free corn free Vegetarian: Ideally suited for vegetarians. Full Membership Refined sugar free Almond Granola Ingredients: Gluten Free Oats Homemade almond butter Organic Coconut Oil Organic maple syrup roasted almonds vanilla Treat Me Gluten Free Almond Granola grabs your attention with a harmonious balance of the smoothness of almond butter and the crunch of roasted almonds for a great start to your day. It's a nutritious ready-to-eat snack that can be had for breakfast and any time of the day with sweets or a crunchy snack. Order it now from our website and have a great experien
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