• Gond Katira (Edible Gum) - 1kg

Gond Katira (Edible Gum) - 1kg

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Out Gond katira comes from trusted Indian farmers. We work directly with farmers to bring the best quality superfood that is completely natural. RICH IN CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, AND PROTEIN: Due to its richness in these elements, it is widely used in traditional medicine for treating burns. It has a cooling effect and a drink made from gond katira is the perfect thing to beat the heat. PURGATIVE PROPERTIES: It increases bowel movement by working as a natural laxative. It provides a lot of relief from constipation. THICKENING AGENT: It is used as a common base for salads, sauces and mayonnaise. It is also used to thicken ice creams, in making laddoos and for cake decorations. COOLING BENEFITS: It is also a perfect ingredient to beat the heat due to its cooling nature. It prevents heatstroke or sun-stroke among people who need to stay outdoors during peak summers.
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