• Gulkand GulabKhaas - 100gm
  • Gulkand GulabKhaas - 100gm

Gulkand GulabKhaas - 100gm

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A natural coolant. Reduces acidity, heartburns, and excess heat in the body. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Varaahi Gulab Khaas is a fragrant, artisanal preparation of Pushkar Roses, sun-cooked to make a sweet rose preserve. Shade-dried, tender rose petals are layered in a glass barni with mishri candy, saunf and elaichi and kept in sunlight for 15 to 20 days. Sunlight helps the rose petals condense and absorb the sweetness and fragrance of the ingredients to make a flavourful jam with a number of health benefits. This cooling and palatable blend of rose petals is excellent in aiding and managing the digestive system, calming the nervous system and helping alleviate skin allergies. A spoonful of Gulab Khaas as is, with cold milk or as a dessert topping provides optimum nourishment all year round. _______________________________________ INGREDIENTS: Fresh Rose Petals, Mishri, Saunf, Hari Elaichi. _______________________________________ BENEFITS: The natural cooling properties of Gulabkhas can help you have clear skin. It has a nice and calming effect on the skin and can also reduce acne marks. A natural coolant, Gulbkhas is effective in reducing acidity in the stomach and heartburns. Its cooling properties help to reduce problems caused by excess heat in the body. it’s a popular refreshment during scorching hot days to keep the body cool and hydrated inside out. For those with constant acidity, it can help in reducing your dependence on antacids. Regular intake of gulkand can help in improving your energy levels. it prevents sunburns and nosebleeds by reducing the impact of excess heat in the body. It’s a good choice to feed your children a spoonful of Gulkand to reduce any heat-related conditions. _______________________________________ HOW TO CONSUME: 1 spoon as it is or with a glass of warm milk. Can be added to a bowl of cereal or spread on a cracker or toast. MADE IN INDIA
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