• Kiwi Coriander Powder 100GM

Kiwi Coriander Powder 100GM

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Coriander Powder adds an Indian touch to favorite dishes. Favorite dishes can be spiced up with the finest quality coriander powder made from fresh and green coriander leaves from mother nature. Taste and aroma can be felt in every pinch. Ground coriander is one of the best herbs that support digestion without aggravating pitta. It en kindles the digestive fire and cools the GI tract. It removes excess heat in the body and makes it useful for cooling pitta-related imbalances associated with menopause. Dhania Powder supports proper function of the kidneys and healthy urination. Benefits Strengthens the digestive fire without aggravating pitta. Supports proper function of the kidneys and keeps urinary tract. Eliminates excess heat promoting menopausal comfort. It improves hair and skin quality. Lowers cholesterol levels.

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