• Kodo Millet Rava (Semolina) 500g

Kodo Millet Rava (Semolina) 500g

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English : kodo millet, Bengali : kodo, Gujarati : kodra, Hindi : kodon, Kannada : harka, Marathi : kodra, Oriya : kodua, Punjabi : kodra, Tamil : varagu, Telugu : arikelu, arika Kodo Millet is rich in phytochemicals which helps in reduction of cancer risks, balance body weight and overcome irregular period problems in women. It helps reduce knee and joint pain. It reduces nervous disorders especially in the eyes. Diabetic friendly and gluten free. Millets have been cultivated from pre-historic times and is one of the world’s earliest food plants used by humans. It is naturally gluten free and is non-acid forming. Millets are alkalizing foods which helps in preventing chronic diseases. COOKING DIRECTION: Roast a little, cook one cup of millet rava in two cups of water in an open vessel to make upma or porridge. Once done enjoy with curry or chutney.

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