• Kombucha Rise & Shine Mango 275ml

Kombucha Rise & Shine Mango 275ml

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Born and brewed in Dubai using 100% raw, organic, low sugar, unpasteurised ingredients, Saba Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea. Jam-packed with gut-loving probiotics and electrifying enzymes, this is a brew your body and taste buds will love! Filtered Water, Black Tea*, Agave Syrup*, Kombucha Culture* Fresh Mango* *Certified Organic Product
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
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Enjoy a refreshing burst of flavour with our delicious Mango Kombucha.
Jam-packed with fibre, vitamin A & C, Zinc and antioxidants, this gut-loving drink will keep you turbo-charged right throughout the day. Sweetened with an all-natural mango puree, our 100% raw, organic, low sugar and unpasteurised kombucha gives you that taste of summer, all year round.

Kombucha Benefits -

Helps Digestion 

Fights Inflammation

Lowers Cholestrol

Promotes Healthy Skin

Boost Energy 


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