• Organic Sunflower Seeds 250gm

Organic Sunflower Seeds 250gm

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Sunflowers are rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds, and several vitamins and minerals that may play a role in reducing your risk of common health problems,

Sunflower seeds are especially high in vitamin E and selenium. These function as antioxidants to protect your body’s cells against free radical damage, which plays a role in several chronic diseases (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).

Additionally, sunflower seeds are a good source of beneficial plant compounds, including phenolic acids and flavonoids — which also function as antioxidants.

Shelled sunflower seeds are more versatile. Here are various ways you can eat them:

How to consume sunflower seeds ?

Add to trail mix.

Stir into homemade granola bars.

Sprinkle on a leafy green salad.

Stir into hot or cold cereal.

Sprinkle over fruit or yogurt parfaits.

Add to stir-fries.

Stir into tuna or chicken salad.

Sprinkle over sautéed vegetables.

Add to veggie burgers.

Use in place of pine nuts in pesto.

Top casseroles.

Grind the seeds and use as a coating for fish.

Add to baked goods, such as breads and muffins.

Dip an apple or banana in sunflower seed butter.


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