• Sip2Fit Instant Herbal Tea
  • Sip2Fit Instant Herbal Tea

Sip2Fit Instant Herbal Tea

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SIP2FIT is a perfect combination of Amla, Tulsi, AloeVera, cinnamon and black pepper. It is also fortified with vitamins and minerals ,which are essential for us to boost up our immune system. The most amazing thing about SIP2FIT is that this can be consumed both as HOT and COLD drink. So whether it’s a hot sunny day in summer or icy cold in winter, SIP2FIT is your companion for all weathers. It act as antioxidant because it is a rich source of vitamin C and also fulfil Vitamins D. The goodness of Amla, Tulsi and Lemon, it improves digestion process. It is super easy to prepare, just mix one sachet of SIP2FIT in 2 glass of child water and enjoy this instant herbal drink. It can also be prepared by pouring in hot water.
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