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ORGANIC TAMARIND   is filled with protein, iron and calcium. Apart from these nutrients, Tamarind Whole also contains dietary fibres, vitamins and various other nutrients. A 100g serving of  Tamarind Whole contains 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol. The calorie count per serving of Tamarind Whole is 270. Tamarind has shown to regulate lipid metabolism, easing detoxification and correct use of toxic and healthy fat. BENEFITS: 1. Tamarind against constipation and diarrhea 2. Good against inflammation 3. Good antiseptic 4. Improve your cardiovascular health with Tamarind 5. Protection for your liver 6.This delicious fruit has been used by many generations for pregnant women against nauseas, morning sickness and overeating. 7. Anti-aging benefits

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