Welcome to Rootz Organics is a brand managed and operated by Ecofuture General Trading LLC, a company that works across the organic, natural and sustainable products supply chain aggregating best genuine quality organic, natural, traditional products from across the world and delivering it to national and international market. Through partnerships with organic farmers, farmers groups, and food artisans, sustainable eco-warriors, Ecofuture offers a wide range of finest natural, organic and artisanal food products originating from various regions across the world.

At Rootz, we are committed to provide our customers with all healthy food product options from the best producers & brands across the world under one platform. While customers struggle to find authentic Organic, Natural, Gluten free, Non-GMO products, we hunt for the most authentic, strictly tested & certified products for our customers. With increasing customer’s awareness and interest for health conscious food, Rootz Organics is a one stop solution for all their such needs.

Beliefs & Ethos –

At Rootz we believe current and future generation has a right to clean food and a sustained healthy lifestyle.

We also believes that food biodiversity is the legacy for our future food. We believe that to sustain our current and future generation, there is a need for a food ecosystem where:

•-Farmers and farmers groups adopting ethical farming practices are appreciated and supported as well as benefit from the diversity they offer.
•-Responsible consumers who are seeking for healthy nutritious food receive the  food that is ethically and sustainably sourced.

In doing so, Ecofuture works endlessly both at the local and global level to participate in making the system change happens.


At Rootz Organics we are committed to serve our customers with authentic & highest quality certified organic & natural products


Our founder surfs through all the products, get into the detail of each product and personally test s it herself in her kitchen before it reaches you!


Product basket is a mix of Organic, entirely natural and nothing artificial! That’s right, zero nasties like chemicals, GMOs, food additives and preservatives. Oh, and did we mention every product is equally delicious!


We work closely with local farms and farmers who operate using traditional farming methods and bring best of their products to your homes.