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Jowar Millet Rusk 230g
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Buy Organic Baby Food Online

Developing healthy habits for your baby right from the beginning can help them lead a healthy life naturally. One such habit you must incorporate in them is to choose organic foods over chemically loaded foods. But the task is not just to pick organic food, the market is flooded with multiple organic food options, and you need to filter & go for a trustworthy source that you can rely on to buy baby food. 

At Rootz we provide an umbrella of organic food items catering to both babies and adults. We work closely with our collaborative farmers, & every product goes through various quality checks before it reaches you. All our products are organic, and made with all-natural ingredients! That's right, no chemicals, GMOs, food additives, or preservatives. Apart from health all our products are equally delicious and come with various flavor options for every category.

We don’t have similar two three product items that your kid will get bored with but rather our range is enormous! It includes Porridge Mix, Teething sticks, spice mix, laddu, cookies, rusks, drink mix, and a lot more. Before you buy organic baby food, Let’s discuss the benefits and uses of a few of our baby foods. 

Porridge Mix: 

At Rootz, we have different flavors of Porridge mixes such as ragi, wheat, carrot, bajra, pumpkin,  walnuts, dates, etc. Our porridge mix is a wholesome blend of key nutrients that are helpful for your baby’s physical and intellectual growth. The best part of our porridge mix is they are very flexible and can be mixed with breast milk, cow milk, or even formula milk. This porridge mix is essential for the health of the little one, as it improves good digestion, helps build strong bones, and enhances immunity. You can trust Rootz Organics to deliver the finest for your baby because there are no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Our porridge mix is free from added sugar, milk powder, preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors which makes us the go-to option for all the parents who prioritize their kid’s health. Buy baby food that nourishes and cares for your baby the way nature intended 

Teething sticks:

If you are planning to buy organic baby food you must consider buying organic teething sticks over artificial ones. We at Rootz have teething sticks that are made up of natural ingredients, come in various flavor options, and provide a number of health benefits along with deliciousness. Teething new babies have an intense urge to press on the gums where the tooth is growing in such cases choosing a safe option for your kid is crucial. Our teething sticks are travel-friendly and super flexible. It is preferable if they have 1-2 teeth to chew on and if not, you may always dip them in milk to help them chew. Our teething sticks soothe gums and also help your little one to eat independently.

All our baby food is organic so if you are looking for a reliable source to buy organic baby food, Rootz Organics is definitely your one-stop shop.

Surf and explore our wide category of organic baby food and order yours today!