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In a fast paced life , we tend to miss paying attention to little little things which in reality act as maintainance tools for our overall wellbeing.

From a simple act of waking up in the morning till we get back to bed in night, attention to little details at various intervals of the day can go a long way in building a sustainable life for us.

We at Drops of Health act as a catalyst and reminders to the little little details you may miss in the busy life. We send you a summary of fun filled reminders which will help you practice it in your day to day life.

Drop by drop of water makes an ocean, similarly daily drops on tips for healthy living will build an ocean of habit around you which in turn will protect and sustain you.

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Why fasting and how does it contribute to a Sustainable lifestyle?

Fasting is an important subset of a Sustainable lifestyle. It is one of those practices which when inculcated early in life (as early as 30s) can help us build a healthy body and mind which enables living more peacefully.

Fasting is not only about not eating! It is about looking within and developing patience with ourself. Fasting helps us develop self control , self discipline which is critical in every aspects of life.

Every 15 days It gives us an opportunity to benchmark our self control and self disciplinary habits. Once we are able to fast, it transforms our thinking, our outlook towards our eating habits. It transforms us as a person. Every fortnight we can get better at fasting by challenging ourself and disciplining ourself .

Join us in this beautiful journey of fasting and transformation as we send you reminders every fortnight as well as share fasting recipes. Invite your friend to join this journey which can be a greatest gift you can give them in the upcoming new year

Health & Happiness Always


Slow down is the next best health tip!

In a fast paced life where we are running, rushing and doing everything fast, we have almost forgotten to pause, breath, stay composed while doing our day today things!

Even I go through this tight schedule. However, there are few pockets which I consciously create for myself which helps in pausing. Taking a minute pause every two hours just to breath helps a lot. I know I have been away from this page for longest of time! However I can tell you I have been away for the right reason putting together lot of good things to bring to our community.

Taking the concept of slow down a step ahead, at @rootzorganics17 we have introduced this concept with local dairy & veggies deliveries. Following natures cycle, giving time for dairy & veggies to grow , we get is fresh for you on your order .

Local Dairy - Milked & prepared fresh on your order. Local Fresh Vegetables - Harvested fresh on order. Food that comes to you in ease , at natures pace and which will help us provide Sustainable food lifestyle to your homes.

Do spread the word & join us in this truly sustainable journey

Sharing super delicious Baingan Salsa recipe made with locally grown veggies which we enjoyed with rice Roti mixed with freshly locally grown dill subzi.


 Ghee. Milk, cheese, butter, eggs , paneer! How many of us use these products on a regular basis? It’s an integral part of many homes especially with growing up children.

All of these products are important for growing up children as they provide essential nutrients proteins, good fat , essential fatty acids , probiotics etc! However, there are few factors which play an important role in determining if they will *WORK FOR YOU* or *WORK AGAINST YOU*

What are those factors?

1. Source* - source plays an integral role as these are short life products which have to be prepared with lot of care, thought and Love! Going local for these products is recommended any day and will ensure you are consuming it fresh.

2. Moderation & rotation* - Moderation is the key for any eating and it applies to diary as well.! We have to give everything to our growing up children but in moderation & in rotation.

3. Method of preparation * - How you consume these products also plays a major role in how it can add value to you or impact you.

For example, as per Ayurveda, curd is not supposed to be had as is but is best consumed with jaggery or dal! Best is to turn it into butter milk. ‘Haldi wala dhoodh’ is recommended from ancient times! Sure ancestors had the wisdom to understand why milk alone is not good! We at Rootz recommend boil milk with whole turmeric.

Butter* is always good to be cooked than consumed as it is.

Paneer* - in moderation!
Our local farmers spend a lot of time ensuring they pay attention to little details in making this precious product and We at Rootz are grateful to Join hands with them to spread the goodness further on!


Get your vitamin D - Are you living in a home which is blessed with sun rays touching your home!? Then there is no way you can be low on vitamin D. Spend 15 mins in that sun and get it naturally.

Don’t forget to apply sesame oil

Sorghum (Jowar) Super rich in iron & great gut food*- Sorghum is a must addition in our diet once a week at least! It’s rich in iron and a grain for building muscles and stamina.

I love it as whole sorghum in fermented batter form to have as dosa or Idli or my Jowar rotis 🙏😇😇 Mine and kids most favorite. Whole sorghum was not in stock for long time. It’s back now.

Green banana flour pancake - Did you know green banana flour is a prebiotic and probiotic food?* It’s rich in fiber and is an excellent for people suffering from digestive conditions.

Thank you Namrata for the recipe. Enjoyed making it.

Khichdi comfort food* - How many of you make it a point to have Khichdi at least once a week? I am keen to know

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