Healthy Recipes

Welcome to my little world of innovative, quick to make yet filled with wholesomeness blog of recipes

I'm the thought, idea and creator behind all the recipes you are about to explore. In my journey to discover a more sustainable living free of chemicals and pesticides I started my first platform Rootz Organics. In the journey, I came to realise there is not enough awareness or knowledge on ‘How to use’ or ‘How to make’ food/ meals using ingredients suggested by many top nutritionist for healthy living . What started as an experiment in my kitchen for my family using ingredients which I firmly believed add value for a healthy living, has now grown into a full-blown blog of recipes which our community can incorporate comfortably in their day to day life

I live in Dubai with our family of four. My favorite things in life are a spending quiet time in nature and experimenting recipes in my kitchen which turn out to be delicious and apetizing