I am ASHWINII Harish, Chartered Accountant by qualification or by chance as I always say jokingly. However, at heart, I am a social entrepreneur with deep passion for leading a sustainable lifestyle and giving back to the communities.

My day begins with Gratitude for where I am today which then gets filled with a never ending to do for Rootz and my family.

Summer of 2006 , I landed In UAE with zero clue on how the life is going to be in UAE. Newly married, zero friends, no family in the region was quiet overwhelming. Landed in quick job at HSBC as Financial Analyst, which lasted with me for 8 years. During this time was blessed with two children.

Biggest challenge in the initial 8 years was finding that FOOD WITH LIFE. Everything seemed dry with no life. Vegetables, legumes, oils, anything that you require for cooking seemed bland and lifeless. Struggled to find good food ingredients in UAE which kind of impacted my daughters upbringing too! In her first 5 years I had to resort to antibiotics to manage her ENT issues which would hurt me from inside. That’s when my quest for good food begun since I firmly believed FOOD is MEDICINE and KITCHEN IS CLINIC. Finally in 2014 I put my foot down to find that RIGHT FOOD. My husband Harish has been a rock support in everything that I set out to do.

Although had zero experience in FMCG industry, I took that leap of faith and started my online store Rootz Organics in 2018 and here we are today Organically and Ethically Grown bringing the best to the region.

Recognized as Millet Lady of UAE, we were the first ones to introduce all the positive millets in the region through Rootz and awareness about how to use it through conducting series of workshops and sharing recipes and tasters in the workshop.

Recently launched a revolutionary ‘Low On Gluten Bread’ range which promises to leave you feeling light and happy

To all those who are read till now, thank you for joining us in our journey of spreading sustainable health and supporting genuine ethical organic farmers and artisans.

Health & Happiness Always

Ashwini Harish
Founder & Chief Organic Officer Rootz Organics