• Baobab Powder100g

Baobab Powder100g

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✓ 100% Organic; ✓ Gluten-Free; ✓ Natural Plant Supplement; ✓ Africa’s “Tree of Life”; ✓ Increases Energy Levels; ✓ Source of Fiber & Antioxidant Protection; ✓ Contains Vitamin C, Magnesium, Potassium, & Calcium; ✓ Two sizes: 30g and 100g. What it is: Nourish your body with baobab fruit powder, one of the most nutritious foods on Earth. The Baobab is a remarkable tree, native to Africa, and referred to as the tree of life, that goes to live thousands of years. The fruit, with nutrient density, matures and dries on the tree to produce a powdered pulp, which has extraordinary nutritional qualities. Made from 100% organic baobab, this superfood is an antioxidant burst; rich in vitamin C, fibers, electrolytes, and essential minerals. It is also a great way to add natural dietary fiber to your diet to support digestive health. Packed with minerals and essential vitamins, it helps to improve alertness and energy levels by supporting the immune system, keeping the nervous system healthy and increasing iron levels. How to use: There are a lot of ways to incorporate this nutritional food into your diet: • As an all-natural drink (simple stir half of a tablespoon of powder into one cup of water until it dissolves); • Blended into smoothies and juices; • Mixed into yogurt and oatmeal; • Baked into bread, muffins, and cookies to reduce their glycemic load (simply add a couple of tablespoons to the dough). The baobab fruit has a delicious citrusy flavor.


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