• Oatgurt Vanilla 115gm (Pack of 2)

Oatgurt Vanilla 115gm (Pack of 2)

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Oats never tasted so good” Say hello to our latest milk-free masterpiece, Oatgurt! Made from gut-loving, gluten free oats, this rich, creamy, vegan yoghurt is jam packed with billions of live probiotics to keep your digestive system firing on all cylinders. With three mouthwatering flavours, Natural, Vanilla and Raspberry, Oatgurt is the perfect plant-based companion to your morning granola, afternoon berry smoothie or simply a delicious treat on its own. Smooth as silk - Oat milk, vanilla syrup, agave syrup , vegan culture, certified organic product
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
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Oatgurt Benefits -

Billions of gut loving probiotics 

Boosts Metabolism for weight loss

Improves bone and heart health

Rich source of plant based protein

No preservatives and additives


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