• Cocogurt  Vanilla  115gm (Pack of 4)

Cocogurt Vanilla 115gm (Pack of 4)

AED 59.95
(Inclusive of all taxes)
NATURALLY DELICIOUS PROBIOTIC YOGHURT Say hello to our 100% plant-based, vegan yoghurts made from certified organic coconut milk, fresh fruit and agave syrup. With a smooth, creamy texture our range of ‘melt in your mouth’ products are the ultimate indulgence….without the guilt. An after dinner delight - Srilankan coconuts, Madagascan bourbon Vanilla , Agave Syrup
Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates
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Yoghurt Benefits -

Probiotic Rich to support  gut flora

High in antioxidants and vitamins

Rich source of healthy fats

Boosts natural immunity

Tastes epic


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